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A Meeting with the fascination of nature

The presentation with dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical birds and birds of prey seeks to present to the visitor the different species, showing their natural and trained behaviours, their characteristics, the relationship of affection they develop with their trainers and, above of all, instil to the visitors an ecological awareness, more and more important nowadays. Marine invertebrates and fish are found at the Aquarium - "Oceanus", an area dedicated to Zoomarine aquariology where you can meet more than 20 aquatic ecosystems. The biological richness of marine life is present in the various habitats scattered through the park.


A dive in fun and adventure

In addition to the zoological areas, Zoomarine offers a wide range of entertainment equipment and extensive leisure areas. Summer Shows, Rapid River, Harakiri, Buffalo, Pirat, Atlantida, 4D Cinema and swimming pools, are just some of the family attractions that are discovered as you go exploring the park, providing new and exciting experiences every time.


Comfort and amenities

Zoomarine has a wide range of complementary services developed to meet all the needs of its visitors. The service quality and variety of proposals from several restaurants, shops and other services, are the ideal complement to a day spend in comfort and commodity.


Useful Advice:

  • Opening Hours: Zoomarine is open from 01/04/2014 to 31/10/2014
  • Minimum length of visit: In order to appreciate everything we have to offer, we advise you to be at the park for at least one whole morning or a whole afternoon.
  • Health and Safety: For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring any type of glass packaging into the park, particularly bottles. For health and safety reasons, animals are not allowed into the park.
  • Suitable clothing and shoes: Bring suitable clothing for the time of the year and comfortable shoes
  • Hotter days: In the hottest days is recommended to use sunscreen. These days it is essential to keep the hydrated, keep a water bottle close by. Special attention to children, seniors and pregnant women.
  • Presentations: The stadiums open 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the presentations. After reaching full capacity the stadium will be closed not allowing more entries in that presentation. For security reasons it is not allowed to park baby and kiddycars at the entrances or inside the stadiums.
  • Choice of seats: In some presentations, you will get wet if you sit in the seats nearest the stage. In some entertainment and attractions will also get wet. Keep the most important objects safe.
  • Swimming-pools: Bring a swimsuit and towel in order to enjoy our swimming-pools. The use of swimwear is compulsory to all visitors (including children and babies).
  • Picnic area: There are picninc areas with labels and benches arranged in some areas of the park. Places are limited, so you can not reserve them.
  • Meals: At Zoomarine there is a varied selection of restaurants where you can find all kinds of meals. Check the opening hours and plan your visit to these places out of the busiest times.
  • Pick-up service: Book your transport in advance. Zoomarine has a pick-up service in several areas of the Algarve. Contact Travelgarve to make your reservation.
  • Free Parking: Zoomarine has a free public parking space. We recommend that you do not leave objects inside the vehicle and check that all windows and doors are properly closed. Zoomarine is not liable for any objects or valuables left inside the vehicles.
  • Information: The Customer Service is located at the front desk near the entrance to the park. Our staff area available to help in various situations.

Transportation pick-ups: Click Here

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